The Complete Ethical Hacking Course

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320 Lessons (29h)

  • Introduction
    01-02.Course Manual4:55
  • Hacking Lab Setup
    02-00.Hacking Lab Setup Intro0:45
    02-01.What is Virtual Machine2:10
    02-02.Installing Virtualbox (Windows)7:58
    02-03.Installing Virtualbox (MAC)9:13
    02-04.Installing Kali Linux15:54
    02-07.Hacking Lab Setup Outro0:17
    02-08.Reminder Lecture2:25
  • Kali Linux 101
    03-00.Kali Linux 101 Intro0:58
    03-01.Kali Overview7:57
    03-02.Linux Terminal14:06
    03-03.Changing Kali Password4:06
    03-04.Kali Linux 101 Outro0:48
  • Anonymity Online
    04-01.How Networks Work5:07
    04-00.Anonymity Online Intro0:32
    04-02.Anonymity Online Outro0:37
    04-03.Changing DNS Servers9:18
    04-04.Using VPN Books8:56
    04-05.DNS Usage3:42
  • Dark Web
    05-00.Dark Web Intro1:10
    05-01.What is Dark Web3:56
    05-02.Installing Tor On Kali15:40
    05-03.Browsing Dark Web10:47
    05-04.Dark Web Outro0:41
  • Network Pentesting
    06-00.Network Penetration Introduction1:17
    06-01.What is Network Pentesting4:32
    06-03.Connecting WiFi Card8:23
    06-04.MAC Address5:19
    06-05.Monitor vs Managed8:33
  • Gathering Information From Networks
    07-00.Information Gather Intro0:40
    07-01.Network Sniffing8:08
    07-02.Airodump Specific Target8:24
    07-03.Deauthentication Attacks8:50
    07-04.Realtime Deauth Attack3:03
    07-05.Info Gathering Outro0:24
  • Wireless Attacks
    08-00.Network Attacks Intro0:36
    08-01.Encryption Models5:10
    08-02.Cracking Wep12:33
    08-03.Fake Authentication8:16
    08-04.Packet Injection8:11
    08-05.How WPA Works_2:50
    08-06.Capturing Handshakes5:35
    08-07.Creating Wordlists4:14
    08-08.WPA Live Cracking2:29
    08-09.Safe Routers4:36
    08-10.Network Attacks Outro0:42
  • Post Connection Attacks
    09-00.Post Connection Intro0:58
    09-01.Post Connection Settings2:49
    09-04.Man In The Middle4:56
    09-05.Manual Arp Poison8:40
    09-06.MITM Framework9:44
    09-07.Using SSLStrip4:58
    09-08.What is HSTS_4:14
    09-09.DNS Spoofing12:34
    09-10.Taking Screenshot Of Target5:07
    09-11.Injecting a Keylogger3:18
    09-13.Wireshark Setup4:49
    09-14.Wireshark Analysis7:39
    09-15.How to Make Yourself Safe3:53
    09-16.Post Connection Outro0:29
  • System Pentesting
    10-00.System Pentest Intro1:18
    10-01.Gaining Access3:01
    10-02.Installing Metasploitable6:54
    10-03.Finding Vulnerabilities7:41
    10-04.Exploiting First Vulnerability9:24
    10-05.Exploiting Username Map Script5:46
    10-06.Exploiting PostgreSQL Vulnerability5:22
    10-07.System Pentesting Outro0:46
  • Attacks On Users
    11-00.Attack On Users Intro1:07
    11-01.Attacks to Users2:56
    11-02.Installing Veil7:11
    11-03.Veil Overview5:45
    11-04.Creating First Backdoor6:42
    11-05.Bypassing Antivirus Solutions9:29
    11-06.Using Multi Handler4:34
    11-07.Testing Backdoor6:31
    11-08.Attack Users Outro0:32
  • Social Engineering
    12-00.Social Engineering Intro0:50
    12-01.What is Maltego_4:00
    12-02.Maltego Overview8:00
    12-04.Downloading Combiner5:47
    12-05.Combining Files7:01
    12-06.More Convincing File6:48
    12-07.Messing with Characters6:20
    12-08.Faking Mails6:52
    12-09.Social Engineering Outro0:43
  • Social Media Security
    13-00.Social Media Intro0:49
    13-01.Instagram Brute Force Attacks8:49
    13-02.Instagram Social Engineering10:59
    13-03.How to Protect Ourselves3:07
    13-04.Social Media Outro0:23
  • Beef
    14-00.Beef Intro0:49
    14-01.Browser Exploitation4:07
    14-02.Hooking Target6:51
    14-03.Injecting JavaScript5:23
    14-04.Basic Commands5:20
    14-05.Stealing Social Media Passwords3:41
    14-06.Backdoor Injection7:16
    14-07.How to Protect Yourself_2:34
    14-08.Beef Outro0:28
  • External Network Attacks
    15-00.External Network Attacks Intro0:35
    15-01.How Outside Network Attacks Work_2:29
    15-02.External Backdoor7:15
    15-03.Port Forwarding4:46
  • Fake Game Website Attacks
    16-00.Fake Game Website Intro1:02
    16-01.External Beef Attack7:22
    16-02.Ubuntu Server Creation7:00
    16-03.Creating Game Website11:56
    16-04.Installing Beef5:23
    16-05.Beef in Ubuntu7:38
    16-06.Embedding JavaScript5:34
    16-07.What is NoIP_6:59
    16-08.Hooking iPhone3:14
    16-09.How to Stay Safe3:10
    16-10.Fake Game Website Attack Outro0:29
  • Post Hacking Sessions
    17-00.Post Hacking Section Intro0:32
    17-01.Meterpreter Sessions7:16
    17-03.Downloading Files4:54
    17-04.Capturing Keylogs2:38
    17-05.Sustaining The Session9:02
    17-06.Post Hacking Outro0:18
  • Hacker Methodology
    18-00.Hacker Method Intro1:00
    18-01.Ethical Hacker_s Steps3:49
    18-02.Detailed Explanation of Methodology5:57
    18-03.Hacker Method Outro0:38
  • Website Reconnaissance
    19-00.Website Recon Intro0:25
    19-01.Website Pentesting Setup5:00
    19-02.Maltego One More Time8:38
    19-04.Reverse DNS Lookup4:22
    19-05.Whois Lookup4:01
    19-08.Website Recon Outro0:30
  • Website Pentesting
    20-00.Website Pentesting Intro0:20
    20-01.Code Execution Vulnerability6:07
    20-02.Reverse TCP Commands8:49
    20-03.File Upload Vulnerability7:36
    20-04.File Inclusion6:37
    20-05.Website Pentesting Outro0:20
  • Cross Site Scripting
    21-00.XSS Intro0:45
    21-01.What is XSS_3:32
    21-02.Reflected XSS4:03
    21-03.Stored XSS3:25
    21-04.Real Hacking With XSS5:54
    21-05.How to Protect Yourself_3:38
    21-06.XSS Outro0:19
  • SQL 101
    22-00.SQL Intro0:52
    22-01.Database and SQL1:46
    22-02.Database Structure4:36
    22-03.Adding a New Value5:50
    22-04.Updating and Deleting Values4:55
    22-06.SQL Outro0:21
  • SQL Injection
    23-00.SQLi Intro0:48
    23-01.Metasploitable Databases5:30
    23-02.Working with Mutillidae7:47
    23-03.Vulnerability Test5:21
    23-04.Post Method SQLi4:01
    23-05.Get Method SQLi4:08
    23-06.Every Password On Database3:26
    23-07.Learning Database Name5:38
    23-08.Finding Out More5:16
    23-09.Retrieving Everything4:20
    23-10.SQLi Outro0:26
  • Website Pentesting Tools
    24-00.Tools Intro0:35
    24-03.Zap Analysis5:00
    24-04.Tools Outro0:25
  • Ethical Hacking Certifications
    25-00.Certifications Intro0:40
    25-01.Options For Certification2:28
    25-02.Certified Ethical Hacker6:37
    25-04.Certifications Outro1:08
  • Python For Ethical Hacking Setup
    26-01.Anaconda Installation (Windows)13:00
    26-00.Anaconda Intro0:43
    26-02.Anaconda Installation (Mac)11:45
    26-01.Anaconda Outro0:23
  • Python Data Types & Structures
    27-00.Python Intro0:42
    27-03.Downloading Notebooks4:08
    27-05.String Advanced13:57
    27-06.Variable Attributes14:07
    27-08.Lists Advanced5:07
    27-01.Python Outro0:56
  • Control Statements & Loops
    28-00.Control Statements Intro0:34
    28-01.Logical Comparisons6:30
    28-02.If Statements8:34
    28-03.If Statements Continued9:52
    28-04.If Statements Practical Usage5:06
    28-05.For Loop9:06
    28-06.For Loop Practical Usages5:51
    28-07.Break Continue Pass7:43
    28-08.While Loop11:33
    28-00.Control Statements Outro0:27
  • Essentials
    29-00.Essentials Intro0:28
    29-01.Useful Methods10:39
    29-02.Zip and Random8:01
    29-03.Lists Advanced5:20
    29-04.Sublime Text (Windows)7:08
    29-05.Command Prompt (Windows)3:40
    29-06.Sublime Text (MAC)6:19
    29-07.Terminal (MAC)3:47
    29-01.Essentials Outro0:31
  • Functions
    30-01.Functions Intro0:39
    30-01.Functions Explained9:09
    30-02.Input and Output11:38
    30-03.Functions Advanced9:57
    30-04.Functions Practical Usage10:53
    30-01.Functions Outro0:25
  • Object Oriented Programming
    31-00.OOP Intro0:27
    31-03.Class Practical Usage7:06
    31-05.Special Methods8:25
    31-06.Error Handling11:05
    31-01.OOP Outro0:29
  • Modules
    32-00.Modules Intro0:24
    32-01.Using Libraries12:38
    32-02.Writing Our Own Modules5:53
    32-03.Imported vs Direct6:54
    32-01.Modules Outro0:22
  • MAC Changer
    33-00.MAC Changer Intro0:48
    33-01.Installing PyCharm On Kali16:16
    33-02.MAC and IP Address6:44
    33-03.Changing MAC Manually7:48
    33-04.Using Subprocess7:13
    33-05.Introducing Variables9:42
    33-06.Processing Tuples12:02
    33-07.Beautifying the Code8:01
    33-08.Saving Subprocess4:59
    33-09.Regex 1016:46
    33-10.New MAC Control6:34
    33-11.Python3 Compatibility4:02
    33-01.MAC Changer Outro0:24
  • Network Scanner
    34-00.Network Scanner Intro0:28
    34-01.ARP Refreshed4:44
    34-02.How Network Scanners Work5:58
    34-03.ARP Request9:47
    34-04.Broadcast Request8:56
    34-05.Processing Response5:32
    34-06.Adding Features8:21
    34-07.Python 3 Compatibility0:51
    34-01.Network Scanner Outro0:32
  • Man In The Middle
    35-00.MITM Intro0:36
    35-01.MITM Refreshed4:30
    35-02.ARP Response Creation7:43
    35-03.ARP Poison7:14
    35-04.Getting MAC Address13:46
    35-05.Looping Continuously9:37
    35-06.Displaying Better Logs4:02
    35-07.Handling Specific Error10:01
    35-08.Getting User Input8:05
    35-01.MITM Outro0:21
  • Packet Listener
    36-00.Packet Listener Intro0:25
    36-01.Wireshark Refreshed7:28
    36-02.Wireshark Analysis7:32
    36-03.Gathering Packets8:41
    36-04.Working With Layers6:41
    36-05.Downgrading HTTPS15:15
    36-06.Protecting Ourselves2:51
    36-01.Packet Listener Outro0:35
  • Keylogger
    37-00.Keylogger Intro0:26
    37-01.Setting Up Windows13:34
    37-02.Working With Files13:54
    37-03.Logging Keyboard8:45
    37-04.Saving Logs6:14
    37-05.Handling Errors7:36
    37-06.Sending Email9:12
    37-07.Reason Behind Threading8:52
    37-08.Threading Library5:45
    37-09.Testing On Windows4:16
    37-01.Keylogger Outro0:27
  • Backdoor
    38-00.Backdoor Intro0:23
    38-01.How To Write A Backdoor6:42
    38-02.Opening A Connection7:38
    38-03.Running Commands8:35
    38-04.Writing Listener9:10
    38-05.Sending Commands With Listener6:10
    38-06.Class Structure9:19
    38-07.Finishing Classes5:37
    38-08.What Is JSON_10:25
    38-09.Processing JSON8:28
    38-10.Sending Commands With List12:35
    38-11.Cd Command Implementation8:42
    38-12.Getting Contents6:59
    38-13.Saving Files6:18
    38-14.Encoding Downloads7:08
    38-15.Upload Functionality8:53
    38-16.Handling Errors7:10
    38-17.Python3 Compatibility12:13
    38-01.Backdoor Outro0:35
  • Packaging & Malicious Files
    39-00.Malicisous Files Intro0:27
    39-01.Malicious Files6:00
    39-02.Creating Executables5:27
    39-03.What is Regedit_6:34
    39-04.Copying Files7:52
    39-05.Running Executables On Startup5:31
    39-06.Adding PDF to File8:37
    39-07.Changing Icons7:24
    39-08.Changing Extensions6:34
    39-01.Malicious Files Outro0:36
  • Closing & Ethical Hacker's Handbook

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Rob Percival | Web Developer & Teacher
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Rob Percival has a degree in Mathematics from Cambridge University. After building websites for friends and family for fun, he soon learned that web development was a very lucrative career choice. He gave up a successful job as a teacher to work part-time and today, couldn't be happier. He's passionate about teaching kids to code, so every summer he runs Code School in the beautiful city of Cambridge. He also runs the popular web hosting and design service, Eco Web Hosting which leaves him free to share my secrets with people like you.

Atil Samancioglu | Best-Selling Instructor
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Atil Samancioglu graduated from Boğaziçi University in 2010. He works as an eBusiness Team Leader in an international company. He trains more than 150,000 people on iOS Mobile Development, Android Mobile Development, and Ethical Hacker.


This is one of the most comprehensive Ethical Hacking Courses ever created online! Across 30 hours of instructor-led content, you’ll learn how to diagnose different kinds of cybersecurity attacks and how to defeat them. You'll practice all the skills and techniques in real-time using an ethical hacking lab so you can put your learning to the test. You'll experience real-time hacking examples while learning how to protect yourself against them.

  • Access 320 lectures & 29 hours of content 24/7
  • Learn how hackers launch attacks on different systems, computers, users, websites & wireless networks
  • Discover what tools hackers use, why, & how they work
  • Understand how to protect yourselves (or your clients) against these attacks
  • Build your own security & hacking tools with Python
  • Create your own Ethical Hacking tool portfolio


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  • Length of time users can access this course: lifetime
  • Access options: web and mobile streaming
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